Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Preview of things to come! 2014 Shitaake Mushroom Crop

The eagerly anticipated mushroom crop never fails to amaze. All at once they just seem to "pop" and then grow exponentially. One must watch closely, examining the underbelly for the perfect pick - not too soon, just before it starts flattening and drying out.... Admittedly we let them go a bit too long for our personal use, past the perfect button shape. But hey it's more mushroom to eat and is still awesome!

We were surprised just so when touring our mushroom logs with one of my visiting jewelry customers "Oh - there's a mushroom" she exclaimed. "Oh golly, good to know" we replied and thereafter vowed to check a bit more often...

All of the 2014 crop is spoken for, but stay tuned for next summer when listings of availability will be posted via facebook, here on this website, or if you want to receive the first word sign up for our email list email to!