Monday, October 26, 2015

Garlic Store is Up and Running - Limited quantities left! Major planting for next year in process!

 It's official! Our garlic and asparagus are now also certified organic! We don't just say we grow organically, we are Certified Organic. Our farm and operating procedures are inspected, approved and certified by The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS). Sure it takes extra time and work to meet IDALS strict requirements, but we think it's worth it for our customer's peace of mind. We can literally trace your produce right back to where, when, how and who planted and harvested it. Pretty darn cool! Growing organically requires more than not using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Ellickson Organics practices sustainable growing practices that improve our soil, create habitat for wildlife, and leave the land better than when we started farming. We take the time to certify so you know you are getting the very best!

 INVENTORY AVAILABLE ALERT! We still have some of our fabulous certified organic garlic left - not a lot though - very limited quantities. Check out our new online store, let us know what you think, and if it actually works!

You can order and pick it up - we would love to see you - or have it shipped!

Many thanks to our fabulous garlic planting crew, Ian, Sakinah and Aubrey Ellickson, and Leah Pape, who recently helped plant 3000+ bulbs for next year. Glen and I have another 1000 planned to plant (after the soybeans are harvested, ahem, always somethin'). I can't wait for them to grow - I LOVE GARLIC!

Oh and Aubrey - the straw was to go over the garlic - not you.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Garlic being cleaned and ready to go!

Yay! Passed our Organic Inspection (again - of course!) - now adding Garlic and Asparagus to our roster of certified organic crops - aronia berries next year!!! 

Glen is busy, busy, busy... Garlic is now being cleaned - almost ready to sell, certification applied for and pending completion. Who wants some Organically raised - no pesticide - non GMO - Russian hardneck garlic: Estonian red, Metechi and Siberian!!! Message, call or email me for details.

 They are beautiful! 

Can't wait to get our next crop in the ground PLUS enjoy a little locally grown fresh shrimp with LOTS of garlic and shiitakes... oh my!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

"Prettiest Hay" Premium 2nd crop Alfalfa Hay - small squares $5 a bale

Glen says "this is the prettiest hay I have ever baled!"

Premium second crop alfalfa hay. Tightly packed average 45 lb., 36" long. No rain. Organically grown on transitional acres, no chemicals, weed free. $5 a bale if you pick up at the farm 10 miles northeast of Decorah. Extra for delivery. 563-382-2295

Organic certified oat straw stacked to the rafters!

For sale - Certified organic oat straw - and it is stacked to the rafters - and man was it hot up there!!! Many thanks to our stacking crew: Ian, Pat & John. This old barn hasn't seen this much action in many decades! Perfect for mulching, grass seeding, straw gardening, keeping Fido cozy, etc. Nearly weed-free! Bales approx. 34" to 38" long. $5 a bale if you pick up at the farm 10 miles northeast of Decorah. Extra for delivery. 563-382-2295

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Business Cards Arriving soon!!!

OK we finally did it - we ordered business cards so - YES - we will have something soon to hand you to find us again!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Logo - LXN lives on!

L....X.....N.... Say it slowly.... Now a little faster L..X..N....Yep sounds like Ellickson! The LXN logo lives on in our new organic enterprise.

One of the stories goes that this was how the Ellickson's marked their cattle in the turn-of-the-century (1800-1900's?) on the Ellickson ranch in North Dakota.

As long as Glen and I have been together I have seen this used to mark everything from Granny's cake pans carrying bars to church, to my son's golf jacket front name placket. And so it shall continue...

Watch for it on anything Ellickson Organics.