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Farm boy meets farm girl in 1977 and so it began....

Darla grew up on her parent's Ken and Aileen Huinker's farm south of Calmar, IA. She left for college all the way to Winona, MN., then as a senior returned to complete her BA at Luther College in Decorah, IA. At Winona she found her calling in 1979, when in the junior year of college, her journey toward photography and graphic design took a twist when she fabricated her first piece of jewelry. She ended up giving the ring to the love of her life Glen. The second ring she sold and the light-bulb lit  "Wow - This is fun, to make AND sell - so much more satisfying and sculptural - I think I may keep doing this!!"  From that time until present Darla and Glen continue to travel the country, creating her original contemporary silver and gold designs and exhibiting at 12-16  juried fine art fairs annually. The recipient of over 50 awards for her art, she continues that journey now expanding the area to the coast. To see where the path leads check out her website

Glen took a more varied route. He also began life on the farm, left and achieved an electronic technology degree but after a year of research and design on computers in an office job, the lure of the farm brought him back to the family land. His father had suffered a tractor accident so Glen became the entire workforce in his father's milking operation. The poor farm economy in 1983 brought a new challenge, switching Glen's path into sales in many areas from vacuum cleaners, to Life Insurance, to radio advertising for the last 15 years.... all the while accompanying Darla in her artistic travels - and being her BEST salesman promoting his wife's art!

Along the way Glen never wavered in carrying on the traditions practiced by his parents, Vernon and Dorothy. From the onset 25+ years ago Glen was involved in the shitaake mushroom log operation and asparagus even longer. They practiced organic farming before it was called organic, it was simply called "farming". Vernon, or Grampy, as all his decendants knew him, was the guy who eliminated slugs in his garden with beer, who had the "weedier" corn because he refused to apply the amounts of "toxic brew of chemicals" recommended, was an avid reader and NPR listener, always welcomed everyone of any age into his home engaging in a constant quest to learn and discuss all opinions (though decidely of the Democratic persuasion himself). Dorothy, aka: Granny, forever at his side on both the dance-floor, in the field, and canning the copious amounts of fresh produce, even when Grampy's grinding horseradish drew tears and filled the house... Above all they loved their family and treasured their land.

Glen and Darla returned to a life harkening back to the basics of growing, without chemicals, organically on the 292 acre family farm and look forward to making the world a healthier, happier place.

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